Women’s Jeans Styles

Fashion and women are two inseparable entities, each women has her own sense of fashion that is dictated by her body and taste. The body is a canvass of multiple proportions, one can dress it to look like a piece of art, but with women this art is a serious undertaking. There are no two canvasses that are the same, which means there are no two bodies that have the same fit. Women tend to compare bodies but such should not be the case. Have you ever wondered why some clothes look good on another person but when you try it, it is not as fancy as you have though it will be? Let us now take the example of jeans.

Jeans are the most generic article of clothing that women wear; it works well with any kind of top and even denim on denim. Likewise, it is not safe to assume that all type of jeans fit all type of women. Wearing a pair of jeans that is not entirely fit for your body type will result into tragedy, a case in point it will make you look shorter and sometimes will even make you look fatter than usual. The following are the most common type of jeans: straight cut, boot cut, flare cut, bell-bottom, skinny jeans, and the newest addition, legging jeans.

First, we should discuss the most generic, the straight cut jeans. Such pants are entirely consistent in terms of shape coming from the hip down to the leg. The bottom doesn’t flare outwards which usually gives emphasis on the ankles. Classic as this style of pants maybe, certainly not all women can wear this since it is conical at the ankle. Sometime such jeans are short which makes the wearer of it a bit gawky.

The boot cut and the flare cut jeans are somewhat similar but the former has lesser flare than the latter. The boot cut jeans is narrower in the ankle part, conical in the knee area and slim in the thigh area. Why is it designed in such a way? Well, the name of the cut gives it a way. “Boot” cut, the design is conceptualized in order to contain the boots that is worn by a person, and this kind of cut will not make the ankle or boot part seem to wrinkle up. Considering the flare cut, this kind of jeans is a bit tighter than the boot cut but the ankle part is flared significantly. This is usually worn below the waist; in addition, it should not be too tight in the leg part. Try this on and bring the 70’s back to life, well as they say this type of jeans can be worn at any event.
The skinny jeans and legging jeans is the newest addition to the bunch, this is best described as slim-fit pants that are quite narrow in the ankle and hugs the thighs. This kind of design is perfect with high-heeled shoes or knee-high boots. In addition, this kind of jeans looks good on tall women with small hips, chic is the expression that can better describe what this kind of jeans can bring to a woman.

Overall, these are some of the jeans that are known to worn by women all over the world. May it be straight cut, boot cut, flare cut, or skinny women should make sure that the fit and style of the jeans suit their body contour. To avoid looking weird and unflattering, better check your body and the pants that go well with it. Take note, fashion and dressing is an art of choosing the best clothes possible for a given shape.