Body Type Jeans

Shopping for jeans can be considered as a dilemma, you don’t what style, and size looks good on you. What you need to do is sit down and consider your options. It’s a good thing that jeans are meant to be worn by almost any one, meaning there is a jean made for short people, tall people, curvy people or skinny people. Finding the right style is the key in looking great in this type of jeans. When shopping for jeans, it would be better if you have an immediate idea of a pair of jeans that will suit you well; this will make your shopping journey a lot easier.

Sometime when a pair of jeans looks well on another person, it will not automatically look good on you as well. A style of jean is custom fitted to a certain body type so better not get that pair of jeans that looks good on your friend.

Perhaps you have experienced a bad time in a department store checking out jeans after jeans and finding that nothing fits you well. Sometimes, it looks good in the rack but when you try it out; the look that it provides is not that flattering. Hence, you end up with a bad fitting pair of jeans.

Now here are some guidelines for jeans shopping. Make sure that you consider the shoes that you will wear with specific jeans. Wearing the wrong pair of jeans with a stylish shoe will destroy your overall look. Take note of the shoe’s heel because it is a determining factor if the jeans will look well or tacky.

It is also good to note that jeans shrink after the first wash, make sure to get a pair that has a little margin where in you can fit one of your fingers in it. This will avoid disappointment when the jean shrinks.

Considering the color of the jeans, if you opt for a stone washed pair of jeans; it emits a faded and funky look. If you don’t love the faded and funky look; better not get this jeans. If you have great abs, you might want to flaunt it be getting a low-rise jeans. A distressed jean gives the look that it is tattered with its shredded fabric and crinkles, not everyone can pull this look.

If you are a bit curvy or athletic body, boot cut jeans can make you look more slender or compliment your narrow hips. Choosing darker colored jeans will hide the bulges you want to conceal also dark colored jeans suit occasions at night perfectly.

Do some research and check what type of jeans fit your body perfectly and most of all compliment it. Don’t envy your friend’s pair of jeans since, more often than not, will not achieve the same look when you try it. Have your own style and make sure that you choose well so that it won’t just end up cluttering your closet.