Making Your Jeans More Durable

Fashion oriented people surely have at least one pair of designer jeans in their closet. In the current hype of designer jeans as made popular by celebrities, even people who are not brand conscious are starting to join the hype. Perhaps, jeans are the most worn article of clothing since 1950 and now it is being reinvented by designers to create a new look. The prices of designer jeans are not a joke and caring for it to make it usable for a longer time is hard. So how do you care for you jeans?

Washing a designer jeans need some special care especially with old jeans. Such jeans can fade and tear easier than the new ones. Using cold water to cleanse jeans is a wise idea but you should hang dry them. Avoid using dryer in drying it since it can damage it. If you cannot help it but use a dryer, possibly you’re in a hurry, make sure you’re it is set in the right temperature. After drying it make sure it gets folded and out of the dryer. If you leave it insider the dryer, there is a tendency that it will wrinkle afterwards

Jeans should be washed thoroughly meaning from the inside out. It helps in the maintenance of the total color of the jeans. If you have an older jean that is quite faded, you can wash it together with a new pair of jean. Usually, new pair of jeans have excessive coloring, which is removed in the first wash of it. By doing that, you add color to you older faded pair of jeans since it will absorb the excess color of the newer jeans.

Sometimes, stains are inevitable and removing it is a problem. Being careful in removing the stain should be observed since it would be easy for jeans to fade and even tear. Stains can be acquired anywhere, from soda stains to ketchup. If you want to remove it without damaging the jeans; get a piece of cloth and dab it with alcohol. Then, gently rub it in the stains until it is removed. Do not rub it in running water as it has a tendency to remove more than the stain even the color.

Although jeans look like it can take a lot of beating in terms of stains and washing abuse, it is important to follow some of the abovementioned tips to maintain the image of such. With designer jeans, it would be a waste if you don’t take care of it because the prices of such are not cheap. By doing this, it will make your jeans look great after a long period of time and maintain is pristine condition.