Jeans and Women’s Figure

With different styles of jeans, surely there is one that will fit a woman’s body best. But a horrendous occurs when you choose a pair of jeans doesn’t complement your figure. Currently, there are four major style of jeans namely: the boot cut, classic cut, straight cut and the most latest is the skinny jeans. Finding the right type of jean for your body is not an easy process, trial and mistake is the usual method of finding the right pair of jeans but doing some research in the internet will make the process easier.

Every American own at least 7 pairs of jeans and shopping for it is not an easy feat. As for women, having that one perfect pair of jeans is very important to the point that they wear it until it is threadbare. Wearing a wrong pair of jeans for a certain body type will result into an unflattering look. Sometimes, it will make the buttocks area large which makes look weird. Also, it makes you have a camel toe when the jeans is too short. Sometimes jeans are too tight to the point that they suffocate you. If such is the case, it would be better if you just leave that in the closet.

To help you find the perfect jeans for your body type; I am outlining the different jeans and some of its features. The classic cut jeans are sometimes called the mom jeans; more often than not, they are unflattering. Why? It creates a budge a very noticeable budge within the hip area. Also, it somewhat narrows down the leg. It would be safe to say that you choose another type of jeans other than this.

The boot cut jeans are being adored by different ladies because this is the most applicable jeans to most women. It is slight narrowed in the thigh and leg are and it hugs the hips. Its flared a bit in the foot area to accommodate boots. Usually any woman can wear this despite their size, shape, and age.

The straight cut jeans is straight from the hip until the leg area. If you are petite, then you can wear this without any problems. In addition, if you have short legs, this type of jeans create an illusion that it is longer. Looking taller than the usual can be achieved by wearing this type of jeans.

Lastly, the skinny jeans is the latest modification to the jeans family. It entirely hugs the leg area which accentuates the thighs. If you have great legs, then by all means flaunt it using this jeans. Generally, choose what is both comfortable and makes you look good; do not sacrifice comfort for style and vice versa.