Jeans and Illusions

The initial stigma that jeans are only for workers are now shunned due to the popularity of this article of clothing. Jeans that was once worker clothing is now considered fashionable and chic. In addition, it is not only fashionable but it can longer withstand wear and tear. The one who made this fashionable is Levi Strauss during the 19th century; although he intended it for miners. He placed the labels inside instead of outside the jeans, which immediately made it a hit. He found a material called “de Nimes”; sound familiar? Yes folks, its denim. The popularity of denim wear is unbeatable and it has been reinvented throughout the years.

During the advent of jeans, it was rejected by the society in general even during the Second World War. People thought that wearing jeans is a symbol of rebellion against trousers. The hate for jeans escalated to the point that some establishments are refusing to admit individuals who are wearing jeans. But after several years, people got used to it and slowly accepted it. The acceptance started during the 60’s and later in the 70’s is penetrated the fashion industry; up to the present t has become a popular wear.

Stone washing jeans, an innovation in denim wear, was able to capture a bigger market. What made it so popular is its deviation from the usual color of jeans, which is dark blue. Now we have a plethora of jeans to choose from such as skinny jeans which is considered to be the most recent trend, boyfriend jeans, straight jeans, boot cut jeans and wide-leg jeans.

The skinny jeans is the recent innovation in the denim industry. Not only women wear this kind of jeans by men as well. This type of jean is tight in the buttocks and leg area, which hugs and accentuates the shape of the legs. This is usually worn by individuals who have good body shape because it has a tendency to be tight.

On the other hand, if you favor the standard jeans; then straight cut jeans will be for you. Straight cut jeans are considered classic jeans. As long as it fits your hip, you are good to go with this kind of jeans. If you have bigger hips, you can consider this as a blessing since it gives an illusion that seems to reduce the size of your hips.

If you wear boots a lot, you might want to try out a boot cut jeans. It is designed to accommodate boots and doesn’t not pucker up when wearing boots. In another case, if you have a large thigh better get a pair wide leg jeans. It will fit you hip nicely and most of all make that illusion that you have a smaller thigh.

Just think of this, not all jeans will bit you well but surely, there is one style that suits you well. You just need to find what look or style of jeans is right for you.