Denim Jeans

Nowadays, denim jeans are the most casual pants that anyone can wear to a mall, to work and any event that you can think of. Denims have been in existence starting from the 1950’s and now it has been a standard wear for everyone. But did you know that previously denim was only worn by worker; it is highly associated with working or heavy industry. However, such perception for wearing denim jeans has been shuttered due to different factors. Katherine Hepburn, as an example, helped the evolution of denim jeans throughout the 70’s.

All of the world has some has a unique experience with denim. The name “Denim” was derived from the French word DeNimes which is a place in France which make fabrics that are used for jeans. Usually, it is designed as bell bottom trousers which was used by sailors of Italian origin. They call it “geans” which later evolved into “jeans.” This was well favored by most people since it can be used in different tasks. As for sailors, wearing this can save their lives especially if their slip overboard. Jeans will help them stay afloat because the chance of their feet getting caught into something is lessened. De Nimes, Denims, Geans and Jeans, you can see the development of this type of pants from various parts of the world.

Some people who made jeans in a styled direction are Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. Do their names ring a bell? Jacob Davis innovated denims by integrating copper rivets in the pockets of the pants. Levi Strauss, on the other hand, innovated denim wear by putting the label on the inside instead of the outside. With their styling prowess, a new style of denim was born and now we wear it every single day.

Jeans can be worn with almost anything, you can wear it with a shirt, and the look you sport will be fine. Using chucks with jeans is usually worn by teens nowadays, however any shoes will work well with jeans even plain black leather shoes. Denim jackets and shirts are now available in the market in which you can pair it with other articles of clothing to achieve a look that will surely emit your personality.

All in all, in the present time blue denim jeans, or whatever you call it is a day-to-day clothing for most people. It is said that Americans have almost seven pairs of jeans ready for use. Denim clothing has infiltrated the fashion industry and most designer are breaking barrier to innovate this fabric that has been part of our daily dealings. Jeans will still be the hit in the coming years or even decades do to its utility and it’s never ending development.