Colored Jeans Comeback

Colored jeans are now making a comeback! During the 80’s this was a big hit especially with funky and outrageous hair. However, the colored jeans were not just plainly resurrected from the dead, but it was revived with a modern twist. Look at a box of crayon and surely all the colors will have a counterpart in terms of colored jeans. It looks totally bubbly and yummy; more of like bubblegum colors. If you want to try this jeans out, make sure that you don’t dive back in the 80’s; save yourself the can of hairspray because the 80’s is not back, only the jeans.

Although it comes with a variety of colors, you should choose the colors that suits you well. Don’t try to choose a color that will make you look like a clown. If you still are a teen or on the 20 you still have the right to wear bubbly and outrageous colors. But if you are a bit older, you might want to consider colors that are not too loud. It would be better to not choose colors such as yellow, blue and red; basically, primary colors. Try colors that are a bit hued or muted such a tangerine, brownish red and the likes.

The cut of the jeans will make or break the overall look. Choose a cut that complements your body type; with that, do some research on what type of jeans suits you best. Usually, boot cut and flared jeans work well with most body types; it also balances the size of you hip and buttocks. For those who have a well-built body, skinny jeans are in right now and it would look hotter with the yummy colors.

Consider your shoes that will compliment the colored jeans, its either you go dramatic or modest. Using heeled shoes like pumps or sandals as if emphasizes you height. If you want to add focus on your jeans, better wear flats with the same color as the jeans. Going neutral is not bad as well; leather shoes will do the trick. Since the colored jeans is considered to be a loud piece, a top that is neutral such as white, gray, or navy will be a good choice

To break the loudness of the jeans, use fun belts that plays with the color of the jeans. Jewelries like bangles will fit the overall look. Scarves with colors that intermingle well with the top and jeans will make a dramatic effect; nonetheless, it will make you stylish. In general, when choosing accessories; make sure it contrasts with the overall look.

Breaking the denim monotony with colored jeans is something to look forward to. You can pull off a colored jean look as long as you find the right hue and style that complements your body. Have fun accessorizing and matching the piece that you already have with that new colored jeans.