Taverniti Jeans

Taverniti Jeans are the new style of brand of Jeans that are coming out of California. They are considered to be one of the latest fashion crazes as it is apparent that more and more people are wearing them. However, these jeans are somewhat pricey. They cost anywhere from 180-220 dollars, but Taverniti Jeans are the most comfortable types of Jeans that I have ever worn.

One of the things you need to watch out for are the fake Taverniti Jeans that are already out on the black market. If you own a couple of pairs it is fairly easy to spot a fake one right away. The tags can be faked and to the untrained eye may seem to be authentic. One of the ways to tell is by looking at the interior tags to show that it was made in Mexico (“Hecho en Mexico”). If you see anywhere made in china, or any type of Hong Kong tags then you will know for a fact that they are fake. Obviously, those who fake these tags will also learn to change these interior tags to resemble the real ones as well. A trademark of the Taverniti Jeans is having small pocket on the front near the thigh. A fake one would not be properly placed and looks quite obvious that it doesn’t belong there. So if you’re trying to spot a fake, this would be the best way to tell.

Taverniti So jeans has vintage flavor that are relaxing but yet elegant at the same time. These high end denim jeans are for both men and women. The designer fuses the old with new modern features that truly encompasses sophistication.

As I stated earlier, these jeans will go for 180-220, but if you know a stylist that has connections to someone in the design industry, you should be able to pick them up for $125.

One of the reasons why these jeans are growing more in popularity is because more celebrities are seen wearing these jeans now. John Legend & Mena Suvari are a couple of prominent celebrities that can be seen sporting these jeans.